Terms of Service

  1. In case one contradicts or conflicts with another, Success On Net Item Support Policy will always have an upper hand.
  2. When we say ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘Success On Net’ it’s because that’s who we are and we own and run the support Success On Net (along with other Sites).
  3. If we say ‘terms’ we’re talking about these terms of service. Our other Sites may have their own terms of service and seeks consent to them separately to these terms.

Supported, not supported and Success On Net

  1. Some of our items on Success On Net Marketplaces comes with complimentary support, which can be extended up to 12 month for additional fee.
  2. We reserve the right to choose whether to provide or refuse the support for items that are “not supported”.
  3. Items on Success On Net Hosted platform are supported by Success On Net via . Please note that we cannot provide support to Success On Net Hosted customers in any form.

When you support period is expired

  1. We reserve the right to choose whether to provide or refuse the support to buyers who’s support period is expired.
  2. But generally if you are not abusing it (e.g. submitted no more then 3-5 tickets within last 6 months), you can count on continuous support on our usual terms.
  3. No matter the supports status all future updates to all our items are life-time free for their respective buyers.

Where can you get the support

  1. We are providing support only via our online support portal: Success On Net.
  2. Requests received via Success On Net Marketplaces comments and personal messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc. will not be processed.

Speeding up resolution of your issue(s)

  1. Please, make sure that you’ve studied the item manual and referred to the knowledge base before submitting a support ticket.
  2. We recommend you to provide your website URL, WordPress and FTP accesses when submitting a support ticket. This allows us to start investigating your issue(s) right away.

Your website security

  1. We cannot take any responsibility for damages caused by crucial information leaks. Therefore we highly recommend you to change your WP-admin and FTP accounts credentials before sending them to us and to change those details again after your issue had been resolved.

Support hours

  1. Support requests are being processed on business days from 8:00 to 17:00 (GMT 0.0) in the order they were received. Please note that most of them are handled within 24h – 48h, but sometimes (in very rear and complicated cases) you will have to wait 5-7 business days for our response.

Extent of support

  1. We only cover support for our themes and bundled plugins (unique functions and features that our items offer beyond standard WordPress), and cannot provide general support on WordPress or third-party plugins.
  2. We understand that there is a fine line between what is considered to be support and customization. Though we will try to help you with any type of requests (including minor customization that requires only a couple lines of code), you must understand that we cannot provide extensive help in terms of modifications.
  3. Moreover, normal support will always have a priority over modification/customization requests.
  4. Though we will help you with bundled plugins features, we are not experts in their codebase. Therefore if you’ve found a bug in a bundled plugin, we will forward your report to a respective plugin author right away. But please do not expect us to fix it ourselves.

Examples of requests we cannot help you with (including but not limited to)

  1. WordPress general support and howto’s (please, use wordpress.org forums for that).
  2. New features implementation and extending themes functionality.
  3. Themes modifications and customization.
  4. Complex individual server-side issues.
  5. Third-party plugins and any other things that are not related to our products directly.
  6. Web-sites with “adults only” content; and
  7. web-sites with any information, which undermines human dignity.

Support Abuse

  1. We have always provided timely and efficient customer support. But it is clear that some people abuse this service. Put time and thought into what you would like to inquire and do not ask every question that comes to mind without trying to find the answer yourself.
  2. Please do not request for complex customization. You can consider hiring a freelancer instead.
  3. Remember, we do our best to help. So please do not offence or threaten our staff if we are not able to assist you with your request.
  4. Such actions will lead to immediate and permanent ban of your account in our support portal. In some cases, we will be forced to take legal actions and expose your personal information collected during processing of support requests like (including but not limited to) name, email and IP address, Success On Net username and purchase code, etc. to third-party organizations or individuals in order to protect our copyrights, intellectual property, safety, dignity, good name, and business reputation (please refer to our privacy policy for details). Please do not make us do this.

Refund requests

  1. Refund requests should be sent over dedicated successon.net page and should comply with Success On Net Refund Rules in order to be approved.
  2. Please be advised that refund requests received via support portal, Success On Net Marketplaces comments and personal messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc. will not be processed.

Success On Net’s Support Terms of Service , effective date 25 May 2018